Insurance Professionals

“Recently I’ve had the chance to see the hydroxyl machines in action in two claims that we worked on together and I have to tell you how impressed I am that these machines actually do what they claim.”

Sandra Coe, CIP, Claims Adjustor, The Dominion.

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Restoration contractors can now utilize Odorox® technology to reduce claims expenses and increase customer satisfaction by putting businesses back to work and returning homeowners more immediately.  They can also restore contents or collectables that would normally be considered unsalvageable.

Contractors can start deodorizing as soon as they get on a loss without worrying about harming anyone or anything. The insured will immediately notice the difference. The Odorox® technology is unique because it will not only eliminate odors and pathogens in the air, but on building materials, surfaces, and contents as well. This revolutionary green technology is not only safe, but it is more effective than ozone, fogging, filters, scrubbers and chemicals. Odorox® equipment has been successfully deployed on a wide range of losses and is ideal for anything from a residential sewage job to the largest commercial fires at big box retail, office complexes, school, hospitals, and much more.

Odorox® hydroxyl generators use multiple wavelengths of ultraviolet light to generate hydroxyl radicals from water vapor in the ambient air. The system is designed to produce a concentration of hydroxyls similar to that found in nature to destroy odors and pathogens in the air, on surfaces, and within porous materials like fabric, paper, etc.

Odorox® Unique Advantages:

  • Eliminates and does not “mask” odors.
  • Safe to operate around people, pets, and plants so you can deodorize while you dry, clean, and demo.
  • Will not damage sensitive materials like electronics, leather, rubber, plastic, artwork, collectables, wet items, etc.
  • More effective than traditional deodorization methods like ozone, fogging, filters, chemicals, scrubbers, and masking agents.
  • Reduces “pack-out” expenses by treating structure, inventory, and content simultaneously on-site.
  • Reduces or eliminates Business interruption costs.
  • Reduces or eliminates Additional Living Expenses (ALE).
  • Reduces replacement costs by allowing items to be restored that otherwise would be discarded
  • Simple to use, portable and lightweight, and draws less than 2 amps.